Kòt a Kòt ~ Haïti

Kòt a Kòt ~ Haïti

A little about us...

In 1997 Kòt a Kòt began as a way to care for six little girls in Haiti. Our goal was to provide resources so these girls, who came from desperate situations, could be raised in a loving Haitian family, yet maintain ties to their families of origin.

It is our desire to empower these girls, who are now young women, to become independent and contributing members of their communities. We are providing them with the education and tools they need to escape the grip of poverty. Our oldest four girls have graduated from high school; two are attending post-secondary programs, one young woman is in the process of discerning next steps, and the fourth has graduated from her post-secondary program! She is the first of the girls to move beyond the need for our support, and we're looking forward to the day when all of these young women will enjoy the dignity of independence and the satisfaction of contributing to the life and health of their communities. Our youngest two girls are currently in high school and have hopes and dreams of future vocations.

Kòt a Kòt is a Haitian Creole phrase that means "side by side". Contact Marcia, co-founder and president, at haiti@kotakot.org to learn how to join us in this journey.

Thank you!